Project Description

Dr Syn is originally from Malaysia. Growing up in a culture-rich and diverse background, she’s fluent in Mandarin, English and understand some basic chinese dialects. Dr Syn pursued her tertiary qualification from UQ Gatton and then worked abroad for 5 years before moving back to Australia about 2 years ago.

Dr Syn enjoys all aspects of Veterinary Science, be it preventative health, medicine or surgeries. She has a particular interest in ultrasound and echocardiography and will be attending various training workshop to better help our patients.

When not at work, Dr Syn spends time at home attending to her cat or playing catch with her kelpie cross named Nutella. Dr Syn also likes to experiment with new recipes and bake to share with our team members (or rather make us the guinea pigs). Her/our favourite at the moment is cooked dough banana cake. Ask her for recipe the next time you come in.