Are you a cat or dog person

This is a question that is often the start of a heated discussion! A few studies conducted recently have helped to shed some light on this topic.

Anthrozoology is the study of how animals and people relate to one another and a ground-breaking study was conducted in this area. They had people matching photographs of owners and their dogs. Over 65% were able to correctly match the photographs. They then surmised that owners subconsciously select dogs that they look like.

Gosling-Potter conducted an “Internet Personality Project” at Texas University involving 4,565 people and they found the following:

Dog People

  • Social + Outgoing
  • More Extroverted
  • Conscientious
  • Prefer Planning V Spontaneity
  • Traditional beliefs

Cat People

  • 12% less Outgoing
  • 11% more open and creative
  • Arty and Emotional
  • Curious
  • Unconventional beliefs

A study at Bristol University found that 47% of cat owners were university educated v’s only 38% of dog owners. 30% of cat owners live alone and are twice as likely to live in a unit and be single.

Another study of 6,149 people showed that if you owned both a cat and a dog – you were more like a dog owner.

This is all just a bit of fun – but remember that someone funded these studies!